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The Hottest Color Trends of 2024!

The Hottest Color Trends of 2024!

We're thrilled to welcome you to the very first blog post from Three Sisters Studio! Here you'll find info on fun trends and topics that relate to the products in my shop. That might be anything from home decor to music to ... almost anything!

You'll get to learn a little more about me & my business, you'll meet my dog Carl, and we'll talk about some fun concerts I'm going to and projects I'm working on. Should be fun, yeah?! I hope you stick around to check it out!

What better way to kick off the blog than by diving in to the hottest color trends of 2024? 

The design world is buzzing with exciting color trends for this year that promise to brighten our aesthetic. Colors can have an intense impact on our emotions and moods, and can completely change the way we feel in a space. I am not a huge fan of gray because it feels so cold and sterile to me. Doesn't matter how fuzzy the fabric is, if it's gray, I just don't feel the coziness, KWIM?


When Pantone’s Color of the Year, Peach Fuzz, was announced, I imagined hardware store shelves stocked with nothing but pastel paint - corals and melons and peaches - down the whole aisle.
And I honestly wouldn’t hate it if that happened! But a few other gorgeous colors will also be joining Peach Fuzz in the paint aisle and on the clothing racks. 


I’ve sifted it down to three main trends: Whimsical Pastels, Nature Inspired Hues, and Powerful Pink.

Whimsical Pastels:

In 2024, designers are leaning towards lighthearted colors that give us a sense of happiness. Soft pastels with a delicate touch of iridescence, like soft peaches, blush pinks, and warm yellows, dominate interiors and fashion.

Photo of a California lifeguard tower and the ocean and sunset behind it. The sky is all shades of pink, orange, blue and purple



These colors create a chill vibe that's perfect for relaxing on a lazy Sunday -  a welcome contrast to our fast-paced lives. This is where Pantone’s Peach Fuzz comes in. For me, this feels a little nostalgic too. In the late 80’s peach was a huge staple in my wardrobe!


Nature Inspired Hues:

Whether you're a plant parent or just love the idea of an earthy vibe,  greens, browns and blues are your new best friends. 

Inspired by the lush tones found in forests and natural landscapes, shades like moss green, olive, and deep forest green are taking center stage. Green helps us feel optimistic and hopeful, and is a nod to sustainability.

Photo of plants arranged on a shelf
Whether it's a stylish tote,
a wall color or an actual plant, look for ways to add some
green to your life!


Warm, browns have been increasing in popularity since 2023 and aren’t going anywhere this year! Maybe because they remind us of cuddly chocolate labs curled up with us on the couch, bread fresh from the oven, and the grounding earth under our feet as we hike.

Photo of a fuzzy, chocolate Labrador puppy asleep with his head resting on his paws



 It makes me want to grab a fuzzy blanket and get cozy! You’ll find shades from caramel to coffee in fashion, home accessories, and makeup this year. 




Calming blues immediately take me to the ocean which is really where I want to be all the time! I love the effortless, beachy vibe that comes with lighter shades of blue and turquoise.
Photo of a California beach with sand, gentle waves and the sun streaming down on the water


The darker blue gets, the more traditional, sophisticated and timeless it feels. Blues are back in a big way showing up as beautiful, light hues and denim accessories for the home like pillow covers and placemats. 





Powerful Pink:

Barbie may have started this trend last year, but we’re keeping it alive! I love all things PINK! It makes me feel happy, positive and empowered. A pop of pink in home decor and fashion is here to stay in all shades from the palest blush to the deepest fuchsia.
photo of a small wood sign painted white with three lines of text across it painted in pink. All three lines say I LOVE US in bubble letters. The first and third lines are outlined letters and the middle line is solid letters.

I’m not a huge fan of red, so pink is my go-to alternative and can be seen in a few signs in my shop like these new Valentine's Day signs👆🏼. Pink has traditionally been considered a feminine color, but the joy and empowerment that pink conveys makes it a great choice regardless of gender. You should definitely add some pink to your space this year!

I think maybe the color trends of 2024 say a little about what we’re all seeking in the new year: an escape from our busy lives, a cozy, warm hug, some peace and some FUN!. Let your style reflect the spirit of 2024! Cheers to a year of color! 

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