A Listening room with vinyl records and a guitar
decor for musicians

4 Effortless Steps to Craft the Ultimate Listening Room

Vinyl record sales have surged in the past 10 years making creating a home listening room more essential than ever ! No matter where you get your records or how large your collection is, you need a...

budget friendly craftinga pile of pink and white scrap fabric labeled "extras"

10 Epic DIY Projects from Scraps You Have at Home!

Using scrap materials for your next DIY project is a sustainable way to get creative! Seemingly insignificant remnants can be transformed into unique DIY creations with just a little imagination a...

barbie pinkThe Hottest Color Trends of 2024!

The Hottest Color Trends of 2024!

The color trends of 2024 say a little about what we’re all seeking in the new year: an escape from our busy lives, a cozy, warm hug and some peace and happiness. Find out what colors are hot in fa...